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Homeowner Workshops

Our Monthly Community Seminars


Hosted by Local Industry Professionals with a goal to educate the local community regarding available mortgage programs.


Guest Speakers


  • Local Realtors

  • Credit Repair 

  • Down Payment Assistance

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Direct Lenders

  • Keep Your Home California

Homebuying Workshop

Our Monthly Homebuying Workshop

We invite You to join us as we bring the best local Homebuying Workshop to You, our Community.


Our focus is You.  To educate and provide resources available to you today.  No more old resources or others looking to take advantage of You.  We were founded on a crusade to provide protection to our community and clients accross California to hire someone they can trust.

RE Investor Workshops

Ever Dream of becoming a Real Estate Investor?  Building Wealth and Retiring through Real Estate?  A New Career as a real estate investor?


If any of these have crossed your mind, this workshop is perfect for you.  We bring in real investors who are doing it right now and offer an opportunity to get involved.


A coach and mentor is ready to partner up with you. 

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